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Temporary assignments

We start at just *$2.50 / hour !
*Call us for more detail
When Payrolled - Our hourly charges are inclusive of Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Workers' Compensation & Public Insurances.

Entitlements such as Annual & Sick Leave, Public Holidays, Meal/Travel Allowances, Loadings, Overtime, etc. are charged in accordance with the appropriate Award or Work Choices Legislation.

Rates for every role are itemised, but can vary due to assignment & experience. Please ask us for a copy of our most competitive rates relating to your specific needs.

Please contact BLIGH for a copy of our Business Terms.

Permanent placements

BLIGH will undertake to search, short list, verify qualifications, confirm dedication and commitment, make clear our clients unique opportunity & location, interview where possible, before forwarding any details to our clients.

This is followed with professional follow up with clients for any feed back & any additional questions before arrangement of initial interviews, emailing all parties with relevant details and coaching candidates in preparation of their interview with our client.

BLIGH consultants will then professionally follow up again, this time with candidates then clients, consulting of all feedback, reference checking where necessary and assisting in the final negotiations.

Rates for permanent placements are always competitive, with no extra assessment for the provision of cars, allowances & other fringe benefits.

Please contact BLIGH for a copy of our Business Terms.
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Whilst every effort has been made to provide accurate information in this site, we ask that you contact BLIGH APPOINTMENTS Pty Ltd directly to confirm any details.